SVN and MyEclipse

16 Feb

SVN Server Configuration

1) Install SVN Server –

2) Install SVN Client –

3) Create SVN Repository in CMD H: \share> svnadmin create svnrepo

4) Update file “svnrepo/conf/svnserve.conf”, get rid of “#” in front of “#password-db = passwd”. password-db = passwd passwd is a file which include user name and password.  This file is included in conf folder.

5) Create a new user and password in passwd: u1 = p1

6) Restart SVN Server H: \share> svnserve -d -r svnrepo Or use the absolute path H:\Share\svnrepo, if the current folder doesn’t contain repository.

Client – TortoiseSVN

1) Create a folder “Test1”.

2) Right Click that folder and from  TortoiseSVN, you will find “Repo-browser”.  Click it and enter the URL of SVN, you will browse the folders/files in repository. The protocol can be SVN or HTTP ( Here I use my local server. It will lists the folders/files in this repository.

3) Checkout SVN – Click Test1, you will enter this folder. Right click on the page and select “SVN Checkout…”. Select the folder that you want to download to your machine.

4) SVN Commit  – If you update your file and want to upload it to repository, right click file and click “SVN Commit…”.

5) SVN Checkin – Create Folder called “New Project” in folder “Test1” , right click “New Project” and click “Add”. Then right click “New Project” and click “SVN Commit…”.

SVN of MyEclipse

1) Add SVN Plugin, url –

2) Add New SVN Repository:

3) Share Project: Team > Share Project > SVN… Other procedure is pretty easy, here just show some screenshots.

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